Special Edition Pandora

Special Edition Pandora

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This purchase opens you up to the following perks:

  • Party Paint Finish on all black Aluminum Case (+$50) - Limited to 2
  • RAW (whitish) Polycarbonate finish
  • Extra Weight finishes
  • Extra Laser Engraved Badge up to 10 Alphanumeric-characters
  • Both Solder & Hotswap PCB included automatically

Please note,

  • If choosing the Party Paint Finish, the TOP, MID and BOT case parts will be ordered all black for me to party paint
  • You can then pick your Badge, Encoder Knob and Weight finishes/colors separately
  • Specific Pantones here.
  • Recommend to keep top and bot case parts the same material, or mid and bot same if doing polycarbonate. 

Welcome to the Special Edition Pandora. With the nature of Group Buys, restricted colors and options are essential to their structure. This edition is your chance to break away from that format. After purchase, you will be contacted and sent a Google Form where you can hand pick your individual build options and colors.

The Google Form will allow you to,

  • Pick a layout for your top: ANSI, WKL, HHKB
  • Pick Stainless Steel or Polished Brass for your top badge (Optional: pick 10 Alphanumeric-characters for badge)
  • Pick Aluminum or Polycarbonate for your top piece, and a color
  • Pick Stainless Steel, Polished Brass, or a Polycarbonate color for your mid piece
  • Pick Stainless Steel or Polished Brass for your encoder knob
  • Pick Aluminum or Polycarbonate for your bottom piece, and a color
  • Pick Stainless Steel, Polished Brass, Fine-blasted brass, Aluminum color, or Polycarbonate color for your weight
  • Pick a Switch Plate layout and finish/color

Pandora is a premium, 60% full-isolation gasket mounted keyboard which uses USB-C, has a dedicated USB pass-through and a rear mounted rotary encoder. It features laser engraving, exotic PVD coated metals or polycarbonate, a hefty weight, and a beautiful curved side profile. The sides feature hollow winglets to shine RGB down onto your desk, and the 9.5° typing angle gives you a very unique typing experience. There are many different plate options to ensure you get the sound and feel you want. As a final touch, each board will come with a large micro-fiber cleaning cloth, and a premium color-matched cable built by Bear Cable Co.


  • ANSI, HHKB or WKL Tops
  • 20mm Front Height
  • Dedicated Caps Lock Indicators
  • RGB Under-glow
  • Full Gasket Isolation Mounted
  • 2 VIA Supported PCB's
  • ANSI and ISO Support
  • 10u Spacebar Support

Supported Layouts:

  • Regular or Split Backspace
  • Regular or Stepped Caps Lock
  • ANSI or ISO Left Shift
  • ANSI or ISO Enter
  • Split Right Shift
  • 6.25u, 7u, 10u Spacebar


  • 2 x Badges
  • 1 x ANSI, HHKB or WKL Top
  • 1 x Plate
  • 1 x Mid-layer
  • 1 x Rotary Encoder with Knob
  • 1 x Bottom
  • 1 x Weight
  • 1 x USB Hub
  • 1 x USB-C Daughter-board
  • 2 x Main PCB's (Solder and Hotswap)
  • 3 x JST Cables
  • 12 x Poron Gasket Strips
  • 1 x PCB/Plate EVA Foam
  • 1 x Case EVA Foam
  • 2 x M3 Badge Screws
  • 2 x M3 Weight Screws
  • 3 x M2 USB Hub Screws
  • 4 x M2 USB-C Daughter-board Screws
  • 2 x M3 Encoder Screws
  • 8 x M3 Case Screws
  • 4 x 3M Bump-on Case Feet
  • 1 x Premium USB-C Cable
  • 1 x Large Micro-fiber Cloth

Preorder Information:

  • Starts September 12, 2020-10AM EST
  • Shipping in 8-12 Months Est
  • Limited Units Available


  • Photo renders are for representative purposes only. Final production colors will differ.
  • Production parts may have tiny blemishes or flaws. Anything not considered A-Stock will be noted and customers in question will be notified about the issue.
  • Timelines are not accurate and are approximated based on quotes from manufacturers.
  • While the visible outside of the case will be visually free of any imperfections, It is expected that the interior of the case will not be prioritized and may have tooling marks, unpolished surfaces and faulty anodizing.
  • PCB components may arrive faulty from the factory and could need a re-solder/replacement to work.
  • Shipping may damage the product, at which point I will not be held liable.
  • Full Disclaimer here.