On various social media platforms (this site, Geekhack.org, Reddit, Instagram, Discord), I will announce starting and ending dates for the sale of any particular keyboard/product I make.

The keyboard/product will not be in stock, and will have to be produced a few months after your purchase.

This sale time period usually lasts a month, and during that month money is collected up front for orders. The money collected can be through direct PayPal by messaging me, or by checking out from this site.

This process of collecting money is called a Group Buy.

Once the Group Buy ends at the set date, a bulk order is placed with my manufacturer to get everything produced.

Once the bulk order is placed, I will not allow changes to your kit or refunds. If you are unhappy with your selected kit options at this stage of the buy, simply sell your spot to another community member.

Once everything is produced, the manufacturer will do a Quality Control check, and ship everything to me. At this point I would Quality Control further, organize and ship your product to you!



A Group Buy is very common in our community because custom keyboards are expensive, intricate and limited in quantities. The Group Buy runner (me in this case) has to manually handle everything, and it's incredibly hard.

By exercising a Group Buy, quantities can be controlled and the super high prices for bulk orders can be fronted by the Buyers rather than the runner. 



Once you have placed an order during the Group Buy, I ask that no cancellations or refunds be allowed. You may contact me for kit changes if its a reasonable request.

Manufacturing takes 8 to 12 months (estimated). It is not uncommon however for manufacturing to go well over a year.

Products arriving to me from the manufacturer can be categorized into three categories.

A-stock allows some blemishes that are usually not seen when the keyboard is assembled or built. This can be anode or tooling marks. Small color differences between different same-color parts can be seen as well.

B-stock varies from the extent of the imperfections, but will clearly set a product apart from A-stock. This can be small nicks, paint chips, scratches, blemishes, anode variations and things of that nature. If I encounter any of this, the general public will be notified and a plan will be set to proceed with the shipment of the product. This can be a discount or a remake of the part.

C-stock is a broken board. Lets hope we don't get any c-stocks.

Full Disclaimer on Pandora 60%



All shipments are done via UPS/USPS/DHL with added insurance, from Florida, USA. Shipping International incurs extra charges shown during checkout.

All international orders will be declared at face value. In the event that the face value is changed, the seller is not liable for any subsequent issues that arise.

The customer is responsible for paying any additional shipping fees incurred by bundling extras or buying multiple products under one order. As an example, buying 5 Pandoras will incur 5 shipping charges, as each kit has its own packaging.

The seller is not responsible for any issues that arise during shipping, including, but not limited to, damaged or lost packages.



I ask that you do not return anything. You can sell whatever you don't want on Reddit/Mechmarket or on social media.