Extra Pandora PCB

Extra Pandora PCB

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Extra PCB's for Pandora. 


  • Solder
  • Hotswap w/ Kailh Sockets


  • Fully assembled
  • 1.6mm Gold Immersion FR4
  • QMK/VIA compatible
  • 2 x JST4 Connectors for USB/Encoder

Supported Layouts:

  • Regular or Split Backspace
  • Regular or Stepped Caps Lock
  • ANSI or ISO Left Shift
  • ANSI or ISO Enter
  • Split Right Shift
  • 6.25u, 7u, 10u Spacebar

Hotswap Specific Layout:

  • Regular Backspace
  • Regular Caps Lock
  • ANSI Left Shift
  • ANSI Enter
  • Split Right Shift
  • Only 7u Bottom Row


  • Photo renders are for representative purposes only. Final production colors will differ.
  • Production parts will have tiny blemishes or flaws. Anything not considered A-Stock will be noted and customers in question will be notified about the issue.
  • Brass will not come PVD-Coated, only polished, and will be prone to tarnishing.
  • While the visible outside of the case will be visually free of any imperfections, It is expected that the interior of the case will not be prioritized and may have tooling marks, unpolished surfaces and faulty anodizing.
  • PCB components may arrive faulty from the factory and could need a re-solder/replacement to work.
  • Shipping may damage the product, at which point I will not be held liable.
  • Timelines are not accurate and are approximated based on quotes from manufacturers.
  • Full Disclaimer here.