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TIPS/TRICKS/WARNINGS before you begin

Try not to over tighten or thread or strip any plate or case screws. If they are hard to screw in, try to lubricate them with a thin metal grease before continuing.

When screwing in the case, don't bolt any one side on fully. Tighten each corner at the same time little by little.

If you touch the brass components with a bare hand or with water, it will start to tarnish. Try to use gloves when handling brass.

If the case screws are hard to screw in, it may be the plastic RGB diffuser. Try drilling the 4 corner holes on the RGB diffuser a tiny bit larger.

If Bootmapper Client doesn't recognize your board, try using a different cable.

If your led's or RGB lights don't work, make sure the brightness is turned up in the options tab of Bootmapper Client.

If a switch doesn't work, make sure to test it out with a multimeter and bridge the switch points on the PCB to troubleshoot which is causing the issue, the switch or the PCB. If its a PCB issue, make sure you haven't flown solder into a resistor or burnt off any components or bridged any components with solder. If its none of these, make sure you've programmed the key correctly with BMC or QMK.

Acrylic plates are very fragile and sections can easily break off. Care needs to be taken when handling acrylic plates and clipping switches on them.

On acrylic plates, the switches might fit loosely and the plate might fall down while you are soldering the switches on. Go slowly and solder a few switches at a time while pulling the plate upwards after. It will re-clip on the switches and become less prone to sinking with each switch soldered on. Eventually it will be fully lifted and stable. I like to use a flathead to push the plate up after I've done a few switches, and hold it up while i clip new ones on.

On Alu/brass plates, the issue is less common, but the switches can still be pushed upwards and unclip from the plate even once soldered on. This is because of the Alps/Cherry compatability design, making the mounting holes loose. Simply push down on switches when the plate is mounted to re-clip them. Its a minor nuisance and not really encountered once a build is complete.

Building/Assembling your Pearl


Programming your Pearl with Bootmapper Client

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Programming your Pearl with QMK