Pearl Boards mission is to design the best bespoke 1% mechanical keyboards, and deliver them with utmost care.


All our designs begin with a deep analysis of the keyboard market. We look at layouts, trending features, existing keyboards, customer requests, and most importantly what's absent in the market. Our keyboards are for the 1% of enthusiasts, and we cannot stress enough that Pearl Boards is not interested in turning a profit on a safe design. During this time we ask ourselves,
  • How can this keyboard be premium and different?
  • How can this keyboard look beautiful and be fully functional?
  • How can this keyboard be robust and feel amazing?
  • How can we save money?
  • How can we produce a cheaper design?
  • How can we make this keyboard more available?


For every keyboard, one or multiple PCB's are designed from the ground up to have as many features as possible. Think of a PCB as the brains of the keyboard. Our PCB's all have,
  • Large "flex" cutouts for comfortable prolonged typing and feel
  • Smart trace routing and safe design for PCB stability
  • Safety components and fuses to protect the PCB from discharges
  • Separate USB-C daughterboard for allowing the PCB to "flex" and stay connected
  • Broken out header pins for force flashing and modding
  • Lighting such as RGB underglow and locking indicators

And then the 1% of additions added to our PCB's can be,

  • Bluetooth LE 5.0 support
  • Smart status indicators (battery, power, charge)
  • Separate locking indicators
  • Haptic feedback built into the PCB
  • Audio buzzers built into the PCB
  • Various layouts supported (ISO, TSANGAN)
  • 10U spacebar support
  • Rotary encoder support
  • USB passthrough daughterboards
  • Audio DAC daughterboards
  • Various soldermask colors and artwork


Our cases are always designed around our PCB's, not the other way around. Since we don't use cookie-cutter universal PCB's with normalized mounting points and layouts, our cases and plates are always unique. The cases we make follow the these principals,
  • Premium curves
  • Fillets over chamfers
  • Intelligently placed locking indicator lights
  • Physical cutouts for RGB underglow
  • Accessible Reset Switch placements (after full assembly)
  • Multiple layout accommodations (WKL, HHKB, WK)
  • Tight key tolerances for greater visual appeal
  • Compact case design
  • Steep typing angles
  • Premium mounting options
  • Large external weights
  • CNC and laser engravings
  • Limited edition markings and models
  • Large accent pieces (badges)
  • Tuned acoustics when typing

The plates we make follow these principals,

  • Smart flex cuts for comfortable prolonged typing and feel
  • Fixed and Universal layouts for customers to pick
  • Large stabilizer cutouts
  • Smart mounting points
  • Half-plate options
  • Visual art cutouts


We sources rare and raw materials available in the global market. Our catalogue includes,
  • Anodized aluminum 6063
  • Brass (Blasted or Polished and PVD coated)
  • Polished and PVD coated Stainless Steel
  • Titanium (Treated or raw)
  • Polycarbonate (Dyed or raw)
  • Pom
  • Fr-4
  • Brushed copper
  • Colored acrylic
  • Carbon Fiber (Normal or Twilled)

From this catalogue, your keyboard can be made to look, feel, sound and perform a certain way.


We think that the final steps to producing an amazing keyboard are the addons. To provide you with a full experience when buying one of our keyboards, we include,
  • Case sound dampening EVA foam
  • PCB/Plate sandwich performance sound foam
  • Custom premium artisan hand made USB cables
  • RGB diffusing polycarbonate parts
  • 4mm indicator leds
  • Build instructions and hand written notes
  • Branded micro fibers
  • Premium packaging
  • Gold mounting hardware


Our unwavering attention to detail and inability to settle is what sets Pearl Boards apart from everyone else. Thousands of dollars are invested into prototyping our keyboards to ensure that the designs work as intended, and countless hours go into ensuring every enthusiast is happy with our fulfillment. We are engrained into the custom community and our name is known, further enforcing us to upkeep our word of quality. Speaking from our hearts, we cannot wait for you to own one of our keyboards and be a part of the ever growing Pearl Boards family.

Our best from Florida, USA

Koobaczech and Co💎