Pearl's GB Packaging

An issue with many past group buys has been packaging and shipping. Boards have come bent, scratched, dented and damaged. Part of it is the packaging and part of it is the shipping courier. With the Pearl Group Buy coming up so soon, i thought it best to show you how your Pearl will be packaged and shipped. Hopefully, this keeps them safe through the long journey. 

I will be using Medium USPS Flat Rate boxes. They have a high weight limit, are free to acquire and keep logistics simple. They can also accommodate a few extra parts, should you decide to add them into your purchase.

Here you can see all of the large parts included in your Pearl purchase. Starting from left to right we have the bottom case piece, the top case piece, the brass weight, the PCB, a plate and the RGB diffuser. Hardware/cable/extras not shown in this picture.

All of the parts will be wrapped in bubble wrap. I will overlap it 3 times to make it very cushiony. The actual wrap will be taped shut not held together with rubber bands. Pearl is relatively lightweight when pieced apart, and the parts feel well padded and protected.

Finally, the box will be PADDED on all sides with some foam or cardboard (not shown here), and the parts will be laid in with the heaviest parts opposite of the PCB and hardware. The hardware/cable/extras will be inside the gummed envelope. Everything will be tight and cushioned.

If you would like to know more or have any questions or comments leave them below or shoot me an email!

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  • Very excited for this, but is there any way you can add some sort of foam padding to the box? Even with thick bubble wrap, i’ve seen many keyboards come damaged. The foam would be appreciated. Thanks! GL

    Arturo F.

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